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Climate Talks At The UN Officially Suspended As Members Fail To Reach Agreement

Differences between nations caused the UN Climate talks to be officially suspended as countries failed to find a middle ground on the implementation of the agreement. An extra week’s meeting has been scheduled in Bangkok where further negotiations will take place. The pact, due to take effect in 2020 has a rulebook so complex that delegates are having a tough time dealing with it.

The issues remained the same with disparity in economic capacity and reduction in carbon fuel consumption being at the forefront of the arguments. The meeting itself proceeded slowly, due to attempts at renegotiation on certain aspects of the deal by countries like China.

The climate chief of the UN Patricia Espinosa tried to give positive vibes regarding the outcome of the meeting but even she could help but acknowledge the serious work that lies ahead in the days to come. Notably, there will be a Conference of Parties at Katowice in December this year and if the rulebook is to be finished and accepted by then, countries will have to speed up things and quickly at that.

Developing nations like China wanted things to go back to how they were prior to the 2015 deal wherein only the developed countries had to commit to decreasing their emissions. But most of the developed nations were strongly opposed to this citing it as an excuse used by the developing nations to avoid DE carbonization.

The UK proposed itself as a contender for hosting the 2020 Conference, a very important one since it will be the first one after the Paris deal comes into effect. The financial and logistical troubles that come with hosting such a gathering didn’t seem to scare UK at all, with its Energy and Clean Growth minister underlining UK’s commitment to DE carbonization stating that it is clearly ahead of the rest. A final decision on the venue is yet to be taken by the UN and Venezuela’s objection to Brazil being a venue hasn’t helped.

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