FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Get A Not From The Senate, Jolt For Trump Administration

The net neutrality rules set by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission is about to encounter a fresh turn of events. The Senate has already approved a resolution that targets to nullify the comprehensive deregulation act opted by the FCC. This will face a jolt of opposition from the administration led by Trump.

The passed resolution has the motto to abolish the rules related to the net neutrality, for the Internet providers. If the resolution crosses all the hurdles from the diversified grounds, it will be a victory for the activists, tech companies, as well as the consumer advocacy groups.

As per Marc Martin, who is the lawyer of telecom at Perkins Coie, Washington, the vote of the Senate will have a strong impact on the political ground as it cropped before the midterms. On the other hand, the number of voters that will support the resolution is still unclear.

Leading the CRA endeavor, Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass), named the vote as a victory for the economy and democracy. The CRA was passed with a firm support from 3 republicans, Lisa A. Murkowski from Alaska, Sens. Susan Collins from Maine, and John N. Kennedy from Louisiana. It was also supported by the 49 Democratic senators.

Markey also pointed that the open and free Internet means to be free from the bindings created around the people by the corporate. The vote cast by Kennedy was also closely monitored as he was inclining towards the Democrats on the aforementioned issue. Due to the lack of choices with the broadband providers, he had cast his vote on a positive note.

Kennedy also stated that the trust on the cable companies mattered as the contest in the vote was tough. In spite of the votes and positive approaches, the final outcome in the House is not known. However, Charles E. Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader has requested to accelerate the case.

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