Florida shooter to donate inheritance to victims families

Through his lawyers, Nikolas Cruz revealed that he intends to donate money to his own victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. According to one of his lawyers, it could reach a million dollars.

The confessed mass shooter of the massacre at a Florida high school announced through his defense that he plans to donate his inheritance to a foundation that benefits the victims of his own attack.

During a hearing in a court in the city of Fort Lauderdale, located about 50 kilometers north of Miami, the public defenders of Nikolas Cruz , 19, reiterated that the young man does not have money to pay for a private lawyer and that ” what little he has ” he wants to deliver to those affected by the shooting.

The defendant’s lawyers have not yet determined the amount of the attacker’s estate after the death of his mother, Lynda Cruz, last November. “Cruz does not want those funds, whatever the money is,” said lawyer Melisa McNeill.

“He wanted that money to be donated to an organization that the families of the victims choose,” he added, referring to the dead and injured at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD).

McNeill, Cruz’s representative since his arrest on February 14, the day of the massacre in the high school of the neighboring city of Parkland , gave a record of the money that the union could count on.

Cruz, a former student at the MSD, has to collect life insurance of $ 50,000 that his mother left for him and his adoptive brother, Zachary, plus some jewelry, furniture and a car that according to the defense are not enough to pay a defender private.

The lawyers revealed some elements about the finances of Cruz, who has 24 Microsoft shares that to date are worth just over $ 2,200.

While these are minimum amounts, another of his lawyers, identified as Howard Finkelstein, revealed that the young man could have up to ” one million dollars” at his disposal in a bank account. However, it will not be known until Lynda Cruz’s assets are finished.

Cruz, who went to the court in Fort Lauderdale (next to Parkland, north of Miami) handcuffed and feet handcuffed, did not say a word and never stopped looking at the floor.

Also, the defense reiterated the young man’s offer to plead guilty in exchange for receiving the punishment of life imprisonment and not the death penalty , contemplated in the 34 charges for culpable homicide and attempted murder that weigh on him.

In contrast, the prosecutor in the case, Shari Tate, said that “the state of Florida will not allow Mr. Cruz to choose his own punishment for brutally murdering 17 people.” “We are going to allow community members to choose that punishment, not him,” he added.

On February 14, Cruz entered high school and opened fire with a rifle that he had legally purchased. Three adults and 14 strong minors were the brutal result of the massacre, which revived the debate on arms control in the United States.

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